Family and work-life

These pages are intended to provide information on different aspects related to the reconciliation of maternity or paternity and study or work at EPFL, and on measures promoting a balance between professional life and private/family life.

Work Life Balance



  • Aux Quatre Coins, Multilingual meeting place for children (0-5 years) and their carers. Birth preparation classes given in Spanish, Turkish, Albanian, Portuguese, …
  • Women Information Office (BIF), Located in Lausanne, the BIF is a place where you can talk safely. Information and help is available to women and men.
  • Profa Foundation, Family planning, expertise and advice on issues related to intimacy (sexuality, couple, pregnancy, motherhood/parenthood, etc.);  LAVI center (victim support).
  • Youth and Family Foundation, Violence and family, support to parents in the education of their children.